Bass recording coming next week

We are finishing with the recording of the drums and we solved all the basic details of the songs. So next week we will start with the bass. We will upload more information soon. Stay tuned!

We started recording!

We started recording the drums after a soundcheck and after sorting out some details. Little by little the first recordings are being finished up. Stay tuned for more information and details of the recording.

This week starts the recording sessions

This week starts the recording sessions of our first album. The long wait has come to an end, the time has come and we are ready to do our best. Stay tuned, now more than ever, because we will be posting teasers and we will also show a little behind the scene.

The recording will start one week later

We will start recording in Bauhaus studio in early Febrary. Anxiety is growing more and more among us and the wait seems to be endless, but it is worth it, we did our best in compusing this album. Stay tuned for more information.

January 27th we will start recording!

In one week Sirieal will start recording its first album!. Stay tuned, we will be uploading teasers and information about it.

News section with the latest news about the band and what is coming soon!

Do not forget to check the section news which has the latest information about the band and its new album soon to be released. The recording sessions are coming soon. Stay tuned!


It’s time to tell you about our big project next to be done !
We decided to cancel the release of our 4 songs EP , to launch our first STUDIO album with 14 tracks! 11 will be totally new and one will be redone!
We are composing the last songs that will be in this album and in a few weeks we’ll start with the recording sessions in Bauhaus Estudio de Grabación.

We will be uploading previews  and keep you abreast of all the relevant issues

So stay tuned because there are many new songs from Sirieal!


PHOTOS: @Pasillo De Las Artes 23/8/13

Thanks a lot @Malatana Ph



First official music video for the track “Trash” from Sirieal’s EP “Doesn’t Matter What You Decide”. Filmed in 25th May show in Teatro Sala Opera, La Plata city, Argentina.
We really want to thank NOS Design that filmed, produced and edited this video only with the equipment we could get. This filming equipment included two mobile phones, an old photo camera, a video cassette camcorder, a semi professional camera , a gopro camera, and only one professional photo camera, that is to say, we didn’t have a professional film camera that’s why it is worth highlighting, the amazing work NOS Design did, only with the stuff we could get.
NOS Design official facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/nos.design
Sirieal’s official website:  http://www.sirieal.com
Sirieal’s official facebook page:  http://www.facebook.com/sirieal

Interview in Revolución Radio:

Next tuesday 30th Sirieal is going to have an interview in Revolución Radio 98.9 from La Plata, at 22 in Argentinian time. In this program we will give exclusive and unpublished information so if you want to be the first to know the latest news of the band do not miss this interview

Link of  Revolución Radio where you can listen to it  live :


July 27th // With Nebet & CoVeR! @Lomas del Mirador

PICS 25/05/13

Malatana Ph‘s Pics from Teatro Sala Opera’s show! Here, the link!

Sirieal @Teatro Sala Opera 25/05/13

The lies

Like we promised, here is our new track:

The Lies!

We Won!

We’re glad to tell you, that we won the Drop C Studio Competition! Soon, We will be recording a new track  Stay tuned!

Here is the selection video:

Drop C Studio: Selection

Interview in Cv Rock

Here you can watch the video in youtube of the whole program of Cv Rock which includes the interview with Sirieal



Here you can download our EP  ‘Doesn’t Matter What You Decide’ for free

Just  click save the file and it’s done!  Enjoy it!


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